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With the object of capturing Kandanavolu, he inarched at the
head of seventy-thousand horse and laid siege to the fort. He
expelled Savayi Bibb! from the place and drove him
south. Having established himself at Kandanavolu, he built
a fort on the banks of the Tungabhadra. He also captured the
fort of Adavani. He obtained (the town of) Kaiadanavolu and
some other villages in the district as umbali so that he became
known as Ramaraja of Kandanavolu.

Kaifiyat of Kandanavafa, L. R. 16, pp. 418-9.


Kama, the .son of Bukkaraja of ^ravidu, put to flight
Savayi Bibb! who came at the head of seventy-thousand
horse, and laid siege to Kandanavolu with the object of taking
the fort (1). He also deprived Kaca, the chief of 5-davani, of
his royalty (2). He had a son called Tinima by his wife
LakkamadevI (3).

P<tdya-BKlfibhagavatamt Mac. Mss. 14-4-6, p. 130.

MaJiJama&dalesvara Sambeta Guravaraja became the ruler of
MSeupalle and the neighbouring villages during the reign of
Vlrapratapa Devaraya Maharaya,  son   of Vira   Bukka.*    He
recognized the strategic importance of a place between two hills
called the Ohiijdlakatta  and  the Ba&dlammakonda and   the
river Pinakinl, and built a fortress  there.    At  a distance of
about  three   miles   from   the fort, he   built   a   redoubt on
the top of   a   rock   overhanging   a   gorge   through   which
flowe ike Pinakini, and posted a  band of soldiers to patrol
it   To the west of the fort he built another redoubt at the
keftd fo the Bandi Kaxroina and posted men to guard it   He
raled M* estate from this fort for such a long time that he
became   generally   known    as    e grandfather   Gnravaraja. ',
is **oth*r nftwe *f Vijayi, th« father of DSvaiSya II.   (Se« 255 of 190$